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  • Sharon FitzGerald

The Beauty of Slowing Down

We are living in a world that is changing hour by hour. Even the unthinkable and unimaginable is happening. It is a chaotic time. I have certainly been feeling more vulnerable and looking at my own fear of the unknown. It is also a time we are being encouraged to think of the ‘collective whole’ versus us as individuals. And for the first time in my lifetime, all of Humanity is on the same journey. We are all in this together. What a profound opportunity this is. It is now a time to settle in, connect in our Hearts and look at ways in which we can heal ourselves, as this will help heal our ‘whole’.

This is a wonderful chance to slow down, to quietly reflect on what is most important to us and to be gentle with ourselves. This is a chance to choose a quieter, less hurried pace. Let’s take this opportunity to lessen the stimulation from the external world, put away our phones for a while, have a News ‘fast’ for a little bit and allow out nervous systems to calm down. By taking small moments to disconnect frequently, this may stretch into longer periods of time throughout the day when we are able to breath deeper and be more aware of our inner world, our thoughts, our feelings. This will be one positive step to our healing, and a wonderful way to boost our immune system. We could use this time to do a personal experiment: that being, if we slow down and adapt to a quieter pace of life, does this improve our imagination, creativity and inner connection? Will increasing our play time, or time in Nature, deepen our own inner awareness and ability to be still? Will it allow us the ability to be more compassionate, or improve our ability to be LOVE?

I encourage each one of you to take this time to experiment with a slower pace of life, what do you feel as a result?

I would enjoy hearing about your personal experiences of this new opportunity.

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